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Biscuits ( Mereworth ) Recipe


1/2 lb Plain flour
1 oz Butter
1 pn Salt
Hot Milk

Rub the first three ingredients together. then mix to a dough with
hot milk -
it should be firm but soft. Knead it well. Roll out small bits of the
dough to
paper thinness: it will look and feel like a piece of cloth. Cut into
approximately 2" rounds with a plain scone cutter and bake at 425øF
mk 7, for
about 5 minutes, until they are slightly browned and puffed up. Cool
and store
in an airtight box.
"This recipe makes a huge number of light bicuits, which taste
delicious with
butter alone, or with butter and a soft cheese. The thinner you roll
them the
better. Some will puff up like a ballon; others will have two or three
... I should like to see the kitchens of Mereworth, where these
biscuits were
made in the nineteenth century. The recip is so simple, the results
are so good
~ quite in keeping with the ambience of the castle. It comes from Lady
Lindsay's Choice Recipes, published in 1883. J.G."
Modern version "English Food", Jane Grigson
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