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Almost Thai Chicken Wings Recipe

36 Chicken wings, tips cut
1 c Flour
Salt and Pepper
2 ts Cornstarch
1 ts Garlic Powder
1 1/2 lg Ginger, slice
2 cl Garlic
1 1/2 ts Coriander, ground
1 ts Chili paste,sweet
5 tb Coconut creme
1 1/2 ts Sesame seeds
1 ts Sesame oil
1/3 c Water
2 Lime ( fresh squeezed )
1 1/2 tb Peanut butter, crunchy

Separate Drumettes from wings, cut off tips, place in shallow baking
dish. Mix flour, salt and pepper, garlic and 1 tsp cornstarch
together. Roll chicken wings in flour, bake in 350 oven 20 minutes,
turning once. Mix all other ingredients in blender until almost
smooth. Baste chicken with sauce every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. I
poured all the rest of the mixture over the chicken for the last 5
minutes. . Use more or less of chili paste, as to your guests ability
to withstand heat.

Bake in 350F oven, covered for 25 minutes, uncovered for 10.