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Cajun Spiced Chicken Recipe

1 c Vegetable Juice Cocktail
2 tb Red Wine Vinegar
2 ts Hot Sauce
1/2 ts Oregano
1 cl Garlic
4 Skinned Drumsticks
(1 /2 lB.)
2 tb Chopped Celery
2 tb Diced Green Bell Pepper
2 tb Chopped Onion
1 tb Cornstarch
4 c Hot, Cooked Regular Rice

Combine Vegetable Juice, Vinegar, Hot Sauce, Oregano, Minced Garlic
in A Large Shallow Container; Stir Well. Add Chicken, Turning Once
To Coat. Marinate in Refrigerator 30 Min. Remove From Marinade,
Reserving Marinade. Place Chicken On Microwave Glass Platter; Cover
With Plastic Wrap, Turning Back 1 Corner To Vent. Microwave At High
8 To 10 Min. OR Until Chicken Is Done, Giving Dish A Quarter-Turn At
2 Min. Intervals. Let Chicken Stand, Covered, 5 Min. Combine Celery,
Pepper & Onion in A 1-Quart Glass Measure; Microwave At High 3-4 Min.
OR Until Vegetables Are Tender. Combine Reserved Marinade &
Cornstarch, Stirring Until Smooth. Add To Vegetable Mixture & Micro-
Wave Uncovered At High 1-2 Min. OR Until Thickened. Serve Chicken
Overrice; Top With Sauce. About 272 Cal. Per Chicken Piece & 1/2 C.