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Carving a Chicken Recipe

1. To remove the breasts, use a sharp boning knife and, following the
contour of the rib cage, cut straight down until you hit the wishbone.
Follow the wishbone and cut through the joint where it meets the

2. The rest of the breast easily separates from the body. Remove it
entirely. You can remove the wing where it joins the breast, or leave
it attached.

3. using a carving knife, slice the breast horizontally, making long,
thin slices. You should get four or more slices from each breast.

4. You can see the thigh joint as soon as you bend the leg quarter
out from the carcass. Any sharp knife can be used to sever the joint.

5. A straight line along the leg bone will intersect at the point
where the thigh and leg join. Shift the angle of the knife and cut;
if you meet resistance, just change the knife angle.

6. Use a boning or paring knife to remove thigh meat from the bone.
It's difficult to get neat slices, but you can get nice chunks.

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