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Chicken Breast Stroganoff Recipe

6 Boneless chicken breast
-filet halves
1 1/2 tb Butter
1 1/2 c Sliced fresh mushrooms
2 tb Chopped fresh parsley
2 ts Dried chives
1/4 ts Dried dill weed
1/4 ts Salt
1/8 ts Pepper
1/2 c Chicken broth
1 tb Flour
1/2 c Sour cream

In a large skillet, melt butter and brown breast filets on both sides;
remove chicken and reserve.

Add mushrooms, parsley, chives, dill, salt and pepper; cook until
are softened. Stir in chicken broth, return chicken to skillet, cover
and simmer 15 minutes or until breast filets are tender. Remove
breast filets from skillet and place in a heated serving platter.

In a small bowl, combine flour and sour cream. Stir sour cream mixture
into skillet; cook until heated through. DO NOT BOIL. Serve sauce over
breast filets.