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Chicken with Lemon Grass & Cashews Recipe

2 sm Dried chilies
1 Garlic clove, chopped
1 lb Chicken, sliced
1/2 ts Sugar
1 tb Oyster sauce
1 tb Fish sauce, Nuoc Mam
3 tb Chicken stock, or water
1/2 c Cashews, roasted unsalted
1 tb Lemon grass, chopped
2 Shallots, cut in quarters

1. with a little oil, stir-fry the chilies until
cookied evenly but not burnt, set aside. 2. Fry the
garlic, with a little more oil until gold, add the
chicken, sugar, oyster sauce and fish sauce. Fry until
chicken is browned, lower the heat and add your
liquid. Cook for few more minutes. 3. When the chicken
is completely cooked add the nuts, lemon grass,
shallots and chilies carefully...don't break the