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Crockpot Chicken Fricassee Recipe

4 To 5 lb stewing chicken
Cut into serving pieces
2 ts Salt
1 ts Paprika
2 md Onions -- sliced
3 Stalks celery -- sliced
2 Carrots -- pared and sliced
1 Bay leaf
1 c Chicken broth
1/2 c Flour
1/2 c Water
1 pk (10 oz.) noodles -- cooked
And drained
Chopped parsley

Rinse chicken pieces and pat dry. Season with salt and paprika. Place
sliced vegetables and bay leaf in crock pot. Place chicken on top of
vegetables. Pour in chicken broth. Cover and cook on LOW setting for
7 to 12 hours. One hour before serving; turn to HIGH setting. Remove
chicken pieces; bone and return meat to the crock pot. Make a smooth
paste of flour and water and stir into liquid in crock pot. Cover and
cook until thickened. Serve over hot noodles; sprinkle with chopped
parsley. (RIVAL CROCK POT COOKING. 1975)