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Gypsy Chicken Recipe

1 Chicken (2 1/2-lb)
3 md Green bell peppers; cored,
-- seeded and diced
1 Garlic clove; crushed
3 tb Olive oil
1 lb Canned whole tomatoes, diced
8 oz Tomato sauce
1 ds Ground thyme
1 Bay leaf
1 ts Gumbo file
1 ds Hot pepper sauce
1 ds Worcestershire sauce
Salt; pepper
2 c Cooked rice
1 lb Canned cut okra; drained
1/2 c Sliced black olives

Steam or cook chicken in boiling water until tender. Remove from pot,
let cool slightly, then dice meat, discarding skin and bones. Saute
green peppers, onion and garlic in oil 10 minutes. Stir in tomatoes
with their liquid and tomato sauce. Add thyme, bay leaf, gumbo file,
hot pepper sauce and Worcestershire and season to taste with salt and
pepper. Cook 20 minutes. Add chicken and cooked rice and cook 15
minutes longer. Add okra and olives and heat through.

Created by: Pioneer Boulangerie, Santa Monica (C) 1992 The Los
Angeles Times