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Mexican Baked Chicken Recipe

1 c V-8 juice
1/4 ts Hot pepper sauce
1/2 lb Chicken pieces
1/2 c Grated cheddar cheese
1/2 ts Oregano
1/2 ts Cumin
1 1/2 oz Corn flake crumbs
1 ts Garlic powder
1/2 ts Paprika
1/2 ts Chili powder

Combine red pepper sauce and v-8 juice. Pour over chicken in a large
freezer bag.
Combine all other ingredients in a separate freezer bag.
Tape the 2 bags together and freeze up to 1 month.
To serve defrost in fridge.
Remove the chicken from bag and discard marinade.
Lightly grease cookie sheet
Coat chicken in the coating bag.
Bake 375 for 1 hour until tender and crisp.
watch closely so the cornflake crust won't burn.

Typed by Annette Johnsen
Source Frozen Assets Newsletter