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Philippine Lumpia Recipe

2 lb Chicken, cut in serving
1/2 lb Lean boneless pork butt,
In 2-3 pieces
1 md Onion, peel, quarter
2 Celery tops
1 md Bay leaf
2 ts Salt
2 c Water
1 sm Green cabbage
1/4 lb Slab bacon, trimmed of rind
And cut in 1/4" dice
1 sm Onion, peeled and cut
Crosswise into paper thin
2 ts Finely chopped garlic
1 1/2 lb Fresh green string beans,
Trimmed and cut diagonally
Into 1/4" lengths
1/4 lb Fresh bean sprouts, washed
And husks removed
1 c Finely diced celery
2 tb Soy sauce
Oil for deep frying