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Crockpot Goose or Duck with Apples Recipe


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another one that i just made up one day, so please accept the
vagueness works with whole ducks, part ducks, whole geese, or part

measure out about two cups of good red wine... drink one...

pour the other cup into a slow cooker of pressure cooker on *LOW*...

get three-ten apples, eat one or two and dice the rest... probably
core them, but peeling is optional...

place the apples in the wine and then dump in your meat...

if the ducks/geese are whole, you might consider putting most of the
apples inside them (assuming you believe in gutting your fowl and not
cooking guts together with the bird...if you do, i take no
responsibility for this recipe...legally, morally, or gastronomically)

if the meat and apples aren't mostly covered, pour enough wine into
the mixture to bring them up to about 3/4 covered...if you just
happen to not have much wine left in the bottle, finish it yourself,
because a good red wine shouldn't sit around very long, nor should
you have to share it since you are going to all this trouble doing
the cooking...

cover and simmer until the meat is almost falling off the bones (if
you took the bones out, i'll leave it to you to define tender)...

this is one of those things you can do in the morning and have ready
when you come back from work, and also have the advantage of having
all the people in the house go nuts smelling the good cooking

serve the meat...and make sauce from the apples...leftover wine/apple
juice can be used as a au jus for serving the meat...

best applesauce you'll ever eat...

and if you do this before you go to work, the wine should help start
your day pretty well too...

btw...i'm originally from michigan, so we know that there is one kind
of apple you should never use for eating or cooking use...those
"delicious" apples deported from washington...we tried not to grow
them, but used decent apples instead...realizing that the only thing
good about the "delicious"; was that it shipped...hence we knew that
the people from washington state were deporting them to the rest of
the country, and making big advertising noises about their wonderful
qualities, all the time keeping the few good apples they grew to

now...if i can't start a flame war of some sort with this post, we
all must be too busy hunting to care....

jim hewitt rec.hunting