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Crockpot Hot Chocolate ( Chocolate Calda Del Ray ) Recipe


8 oz Chocolate (sweet for
-children, semi-sweet for
3 c Half & half or cream
2 c Milk
1 c Strong coffee
2 tb Brown sugar
1 ts Vanilla
1 ts Cinnamon
1/2 ts Each allspice and nutmeg
Tiny pinch salt
Peel of 1 orange
1/2 pt Whipping cream

Set crockpot at high. Break in chocolate, add half & half, milk,
coffee, brown sugar, vanilla, spices and salt. Stir and cover. Cook,
stirring thoroughly every 15 minutes, until chocolate has melted
completely, about 1 hour. Add orange peel and stir. (Use a vegetable
peeler to cut the orange peel into a long spiral.) Serve immediately,
or turn crock to low and keep covered, removing orange peel after 15
minutes. Served with whipped cream. Courtesy of Shareware RECIPE