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A Great General Cookbook. One of the ones I use!

Better Homes Cook Book--Recipes
Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book




My Favorite Recipes

So you have decided to venture into the inner sanctum of The Net's Kitchen to see my favorite recipes!

I must warn you about these recipes! What's to warn about recipes? THESE recipes are NOT the washed-out "healthy" recipes of today--these recipes all call for REAL ingredients! Every one of these recipes is made with things like Whole Milk, Whole Eggs, Real Butter, etc. In other words, they are GOOD!!!

So if you're worried about high cholesterol and fat, you'd best hit Back now and choose from one of the recipes in the main site, some of which are made with "healthier" ingredients.

BUT, if you want to know the indescribable pleasure of REAL, if you wouldn't THINK of pretending that margarine tastes remotely like butter, if you agree that the word "lite" on a package is a really a code that means "don't eat THIS," click one of the links below and experience food meant for enjoyment and not mere sustenance!!!

Nuna Chicken

Deep-Fried Chicken

Swedish Pancakes

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